Laurent Roger Dubuis Replica Watches Classic Origin for Revolution & The Rake on the steel beads of rice bracelet

Roger Dubuis Replica Watches had actually made one other unique dial for an alternate prototype in our collaborative project,richard mille replica watches in case, we had decided to follow a different and equally exciting direction. And that was the salmon colored, two tone sector dial watch you see here, with an opaline center section contrasted by a brushed section at its perimeter. The design for this, as you can see, is much more closely in alignment with that created for Aurel Bacs, featuring the Arabic Numerals placed inside of the sector chapter ring and, also, featuring an omission of the small seconds indicator to keep the overall expression of the timepiece — the epitome of discrete elegance. But at the same time the stunning salmon — or in Laurent Roger Dubuis Replica Watches speak, Automn — colored dial makes this one of the most visually arresting watches I’ve ever set eyes on.

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At that time, there was a decision to be made, between using Roger Dubuis Replica Watches’s new Classic Origin’s LF116.01 manual wind movement. or his famous micro rotor movement Calibre FBN229.01. In the end we decided to produce two prototypes. a steel watch with a silver sector dial with small seconds in the Classic Origin manual wind configuration.

And a second prototype with a salmon sector dial in a simple two hand configuration, but with the automatic micro rotor movement. Roger Dubuis Replica Watches and I both absolutely adored this second salmon dial watch. We decided that we couldn’t launch it in series because its design iconography resembled that of the Phillips watch too closely.rolex replica While the prototype for the Classic Origin manual wind watch is now in my personal collection, we decided together with Laurent Roger Dubuis Replica Watches to offer this ultra-cool prototype Laurent Roger Dubuis Replica Watches Steel Galet Micro-Rotor Salmon Dial for Revolution (1-of-1), to celebrate the opening of the Revolution Watch Bar, in Singapore.

The Laurent Roger Dubuis Replica Watches Steel Galet Micro-Rotor Salmon Dial (1-of-1) is rendered in steel, measuring in at 40mm